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We thank you for our 10 continuous years of service...

SOMTEC LTD  have over Ten years of successful, growing business ranging from global broadband data communication provisioning to technology solutions development. From a modest beginning, SOMTEC operates its own communication hubs, data centres, and network operating centres In somalia. Today, we provide global converged communications services and are positioned to meet future customer requirements regardless of location or scope.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide reliable, secure, and affordable communications services to our global customer base. These customers include international businesses, governments, and home owners alike. These network services are supported by a professional staff that is available round-the-clock to ensure customer satisfaction.

SOMTEC LTD participates in communications and IT exhibitions in the Middle East, Europe, North America, and the Far East each year. From these experiences we gain knowledge of marketplace movement and emerging technology trends so that our solutions continue to provide the best value for our customers.

From a communications project perspective we have used our capacities to provide a wide range of communications solutions, ranging from real-time Internet and voice service to ships at sea to online vehicle tracking systems.

To better serve our customers, SOMTEC LTD signed long-term contracts with global satellite operators for ex-clusive use of satellite capacities from NSS-Worldskies, RSCC- Earthly Orbit, and Arabsat covering the entire Middle East, Europe, Africa, the Atlantic Ocean, Arabian Gulf, and Red Sea.

In line with this,SOMTEC LTD also build and operate its own satellite hubs and network operating centers in  UK. Somtec LTD prides itself of being a one-stop satellite communication provider for all company sizes and requirements.

SOMTEC LTD also offer IT and business consulting to our commercial and government customers. We have the expertise to conduct comprehensive design-build efforts for satellite hubs, data centres, networks, and network operating centres (NOC). Likewise, we have gained expertise of providing complete technology refurbishment and new construction for hotels and office parks alike. Recently we have added supply chain, events and exhibitions, and vendor management projects to our growing portfolio of projects.

Technology Staff
SOMTEC  has created a dedicated staff of qualified and experienced engineers, technologists, and support staff in its key locations with an average of over six years’ service with us. Over ninety seven percent (97%) of staff are degree holder, university graduates and our engineers are all certified in their particular disciplines. Staff training is conducted year-round both in-house and with reputable international firms.

Consulting Staff
SOMTEC  employs experienced consultants and technology professionals in a wide variety of disciplines to ensure customer satisfaction and project success. These experts include disciplines such as IT hardware, software, communications, network engineering, business analysis, process management, and legal services, to name just a few.

Project Management Staff
Our experienced project managers all have proven track records of delivering successful IT projects on time and on budget. These professionals work closely with our customers to develop requirements, devise solutions, and deliver projects to meet both business and technical demands.



Communications Coverage: Middle East, Africa, Europe, Atlantic Ocean, Arabian Gulf, and Red Sea. For other coverage areas please inquire.

Communications Technologies

Satellite Networks (Ku-band and C-Band) using these technologies:

  • SCPC (single channel per carrier). This service provides dedicated bandwidth for all your data communication needs. Optional services are available for forward and return using (SCPC/DVB S2; SCPC/SCPC; SCPC/TDMA) and DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) to name just a few.

  • TDMA (time-division multiple access).Provides reliable, guaranteed shared bandwidth that is ideal for home or personal business use. These services are also scalable to meet your growing communications requirements.

  • Space Segment.SOMTEC LTD  provides long term lease and on-demand capacity allocations.

  • Terrestrial and Broadband Network provisioning includes:
    • Broadband services utilizing Frame Relay, TCP/IP, VPN, Ethernet, MPLS, and TLS topologies around the world.
    • Converged Networks provide efficient, concurrent data, voice, video and facsimile communications services to commercial firms and governments alike.
    • Telephony services provide modern telephone communications to private homes, hotels, commercial establishments, and government facilities.

Wired Networks

  • Fiber Optic. Superior network backbone design, installation, certification, testing and repair.

  • Structured Cabling From Telco demark to workstation, we provide complete design-build services in accordance with your business and technical needs.

Wireless Networks

  • Point to Point. High quality and highly available wireless links with capacities up to 300 mbps for building to building connectivity and back-hauling.

  • Point to Multipoint. Reliable, high-quality broadband, communication performance connecting multiple station units (SU) to a base station access unit (AU).

  • Wi-Fi. Superior access points for diverse Wi-Fi users.

  • Wi-Max. Fixed or Mobile wireless services, scalable and optimized to different network sizes.

  • Free Space Optics Technology (Laser Solution). Extremely secure, high capacity network is an ideal solution where existing fiber optics is blocked by a physical element.

Connectivity Services

  • Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint

  • Fixed VSAT. Provides access for home users as well as small, medium, and large companies.

  • Marine. Supports data, voice, and facsimile communications while cruising offshore, around the globe.

Value Added Services

  • Design-Build Consultancy Somtec LTD provides consulting services to design, build, deploy, and manage your own communications Network Operations Center (NOC) and satellite communications hubs. Likewise, we can create broadband delivery capabilities using a variety of topologies and services.

  • Communications Efficiencies through state-of-the-art network acceleration, queue management, and node caching technologies.

  • Quality of Service (QoS) management.

  • Communications Helpdesk. Somtec LTD have built a modern network helpdesk that is available to your firm around-the-clock to support your communications requirements.
    Selected Customer Solutions

Corporate Solution

  • VMWare. VMware is the leading business virtualization infrastructure provider, offering the most trusted and reliable platform for building private clouds and federating to public clouds. It is built on a robust, proven foundation. It delivers a complete virtualization platform from desktop through the datacenter out to the public cloud. It provides the most comprehensive virtualization and cloud management. It integrates with your overall IT infrastructure. It is proven over 190,000 customers. And best of all, VMware delivers while providing low total-cost-of-ownership (TCO)

Security and Surveillance Systems.
SOMTEC  offers security and surveillance systems using state of the art equipment and latest imaging processing technology from the leading camera and accessories manufacturer. There are two kinds of security cameras such as CCTV and the IP camera. There is diverse selection of CCTV and IP cameras to choose, from Indoor, Rugged outdoor weatherproof to Ballistic and Explosion proof Models; as well as Standard, Covert, discreet and stylish unobtrusive designs.

  • CCTV Security Camera is a well developed product that delivers direct CCTV composite vid-eo via standard BNC connection for security surveillance. It also offers Standard to High Resolution Standard Definition Imaging (i.e. up to 4CIF or D1). Available in Color, B/W, Day/Night Color/BW, or IR, with PTZ and Fixed Versions.

  • IP Security Camera includes functions that are not available in traditional analog cameras such as local storage via SD/SDHC card or USB Hard Drive on board motion detection or Vid-eo Analytics and even attributes like Two Way Audio Communication and single cable installation with PoE or Power over Ethernet.

Events and Exhibition Solutions
Starting with recognition of its own requirements as a regular international tradeshow exhibitor, SOMTEC has built its expertise in managing design, fabrication, and transport management. To ensure its success SOMTEC  has partnered with other firms who specialize in parts of this process. SOMTEC  offers companies its assistance and support as a single-point-of-reference provider who can manage your trade show or exhibition projects.


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